Naturen Community Solar Contact Form

The Community Solar Concept and Contact Form

This contact form is used to measure interest in the community solar project.  We will not use your information or sell it to outide parties.  By filling out the form below, you are only saying that you would be interested in this program if it were available.  


The community solar project is dedicated to lowering the cost of electricity.  Since solar power is the least costly energy to generate, it is also the least costly to use.  Moving forward with the community solar project will allow us to offer this low cost energy directly to the end users!


This approach is different than standard rooftop solar.  With a community solar platform, there is no need for adding panels to your home or business.  We will have an offsite generation facility which means you do not need any additional work on your premises!


The billing structure will be done through a format called a power purchase agreement (PPA).  In this arrangement, the consumer agrees to buy “x” amount of energy from the supplier at a specified cost.  Any additional power consumed will be paid for as usual on your bill!

Fill out the form to express interest and learn about the community solar project!  Your information will NOT be distributed to outside entities!